The Most Common Car Repairs

Cars need constant repairs and maintenance if you plan on using them a long time. Even the most cautious car owner will run into car trouble at some point or another. It’s just the way wear and tear works over time. Let’s explore some of the most common repairs that take place!


Fuel Cap Replacements / Tightening

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You’d be surprised how common this repair is. Did you know that neglecting your fuel cap can cause the “check engine” light to power on? It also plays a role in fuel economy, the better and more air tight the seal between the fuel cap and fuel tank leads to slightly improved fuel economy. Speaking of fuel, with prices at a high right now don’t make the mistake of driving uneconomically. Check out our guide on Fuel Saving Tips!

Brake Pads

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When most people think of car repairs they think of keeping the car going. But stopping the car is equally if not more important. Accidents caused to brake failure is often preventable. If you want to make sure you’re taking responsible care of your vehicle and safety then pay close attention to your breaks. The most common repairs will be topping up your brake fluid and replacing your brake pads.

Tire Repairs


Your tires are the part of your car that connect with the road and as such they are vitally important for safety, control and fuel economy. Topping up the air in your tires should be common practice, but then you have more intense maintenance. Repairs such as patching up small punctures all the way to straight up replacing bolding tires. Ensuring your tires are in good shape is often overlooked.

After Market Installations & Removals

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Many people install after market electronics into their cars. An upgraded stereo, speakers and maybe a subwoofer. Perhaps an after market alarm or set of fancy displays. Either way having these things installed is very common, but that doesn’t fit the bill as a “repair”. But what does is when people install these systems incorrectly. Best case the device doesn’t work, worse case it works but the wiring is unsafe, causing either electrical fires (very rarely) or draining power from other important electrical systems in the vehicle. This could also result in a dead battery. Often these mistakes occur and the car is towed to the garage for removal of the tech and then subsequent repairs where needed.

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