The Ami – Citroens £5,000 Electric Vehicle

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The Ami Origins

The Ami is a tiny electric vehicle from Citroen. The EV is just over 2.4 meters long and sports a top end of 28mph. They’re going to be sold at the low price of £5,000, or £18 per month on a payment plan. The Ami was originally created for France, where their regulations allow vehicles like the Ami to be driven from the age of 14, with no license needed. The EV will be subject to normal car laws in the UK though, so you’ll still need a full license to drive one there. At full speed you have 46miles of range and a typical charge takes about 3 hours.


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The UK’s Car Market

If the EV needs a full license but only travels at 28 mph, why would they bring it to the UK in the first place? Well it was customer demand! The EV was unveiled in France and several countries almost immediately looked at getting spin off versions. However the UK decided they wanted this car after seeing it on Citroen UK media. Over 12,000 people expressed interest in owning one. This was enough of a push for Citroen to bring the small EV to production for the UK.

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Why Buy The Ami?

For those who are conscious about the environment there are many electric vehicles around. Some of the fastest and sleekest looking cars are EV’s these days. In fact, there’s an EV counterpart to almost every type of vehicle. So what niches do the Ami fill? The small French car is designed specifically for inner city driving. Ideal for easy parking as well as nipping around town. Plenty of room to fit groceries & a small turning circle (and a small everything really) make this the ideal EV for anyone who lives in a dense urban area where being nimble is more important than the top end speed.

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