New UK Homes Have To Have EV Chargers Starting 2022


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UK’s Charger Shortage

The UK wants to keep up and push towards the EV movement that seems to be a the forefront of every first world country right now. The USA recently set chargers alongside many of its roads, becoming a huge help for EV drivers. UK EV owners are wondering, when will the UK follow suit? Well the UK has a very different infrastructure to the US, each road getting a charger isn’t feasible so the Prime minister Boris Johnson is proposing to have all newly built homes in the UK to come with an EV charger.

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The Oversights

Unfortunately for Boris, many politicians were quick to point out the oversights with this approach. While the idea is not bad, and it will help the situation, but it will be a far cry from solving the outcry. New homes and businesses in the UK having chargers will help, but what about the stretches of road between towns. Whilst the US has far longer stretches between towns, the UK could really do with some of these charge stations on their longer routes. Following up with this, the current charging points are distributed very poorly, with some areas having a large amount of charging points, whilst the more rural areas are in dire need of chargers.

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The EV Situation In The UK

The final criticisms came in the form of questions. Mostly related to what the plans are to help encourage civilians to switch to EVs. Another question raised was what the plans are to help lower and middle income households even afford an expensive new EV. If people don’t make the switch to EV then all the charging stations will be a waste of government and national money. It would appear that whilst they are moving in the right direction, the entire project needs more time to be reviewed. More charging areas is a good start, but there’s a long way to go.

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