Most Popular Car Accessories

Welcome To The Most Popular Car Accessories

People carry all kinds of stuff in their cars. Some of it junk, some of it useful. Let’s have a look at the most commonly found car accessories.


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Jumper Cables / Jump-start Kit

The jumper cables have been an almost essential carry item in your car. A very convenient set of tools that can help get your car back up and running if your battery runs flat, saving you time and stress.

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USB Charger

These are getting less and less common due to many newer cars including them built in. However despite them becoming less common, they are still among the most common car accessories you can expect to encounter.


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Mirror Film

More common in colder and Northern countries, this nifty car accessory is just a patch that goes onto your side mirrors and it repels the water. Making sure you always have a clear view behind you. It tells you a lot about the industry that car USB chargers have become manufactures standard but the safety of the mirror film is ignored.

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Portable Car Tire Inflator

Need to top up the air in your tires? Maybe you need to put the spare tire on and it’s deflated. Well to save driving to a gas station on a flat or pumping up and entire tire manually, you just plug in your pump into your usb charging slot. Convenience is king when it comes to car accessories.

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Heads Up Display

Our favourite accessory on the list. It’s got the rule of cool. It will display things such a GPS, speed, phone calls and more. But the cool thing is that it displays them directly onto your wind-shield, so you don’t have to divert your eyes from the road.

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Dash Cam

The most well known device, sometimes required by law or insurance. Either way it’s super useful to have. Easily disprove disputes, make insurance claims foolproof and finally, you are able to negate the risk of scammers trying to claim insurance from an accident you didn’t cause.

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