Fords New Mindfulness Car Is Designed To Relax You

Ford Mindfulness Car

Fords New Concept Mindfulness Car

At the Munich Motor Show Ford unveiled some very unique ideas. The mindfulness car is currently in its in concept phase. Ford want this car to help users be more relaxed on the road. Mark Coleman created meditation guides for the car and the following to say about the new car:

“Mindfulness helps people to be more focused, calmer and achieve greater clarity – and when you’re behind the wheel, this can help make you a better driver”

Ford Mindfulness Car

Hygiene & Cleanliness in the Mindfulness Car

What features could a car have that could possibly help with relaxation? Well Fords Mindfulness car has a large portfolio of gadgets for exactly that. We’ll start with hygiene and cleanliness, since it’s hard to relax if your car is a mess. The car sports a feature called “Air Purge”. This can be activated from your key-fob and will shoot a burst of clean air when the driver gets in. The air is passed through filters protecting from dust, smog, allergens, bacteria sized particles and even a UV diode with the potential to kill viruses. So now we know you’ll be clean and safe in the mindfulness car, but how will you relax?

Ford Mindfulness Car

Relaxation Features

Automatic climate control to ensure the temperature inside the vehicle is always perfect, matched with ambient lighting. The seats keep track of your breathing and heart-rate, which are displayed to you on screen and the car uses this knowledge to make guesses on your stress levels. The car has speakers tailored into the headrests, and they play ambient music depending on your location, such as a drive by the seaside will sound very different to a rocky climb through the mountains. The cars head rest also doubles as a neck rest to allow for the “power nap” feature which is where the car creates room for a napping area by reclining the chairs. Finally the car also features a yoga setting on screen, however we have to await more information on this.

Do you hope the Ford Mindfulness Car makes it to production?

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