Crazy Car Designs From Round The Globe

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Here we’ll go through some crazy, whacky or just plain ugly cars, from cars that look like food, cars that look like animals, scary cars, cars that look like they’re from the future and more. Let’s start with the Banana car above, most cars shaped like food are normally running a promotion for said food or their product, so we can forgive the reason behind it, but it still looks ridiculous regardless.

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Animal like cars are another crazy concept that lend themselves well for marketing and advertising. However many enthusiasts make their cars look like animal cars for fun or attention, and there’s a large variety of animal cars out there including but not limited to Pig, spider, hamster and dog themed cars!

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Cars from the future, or at least the concept cars that look like the one above. Concept cars have had a habit of looking extremely SCI-FI Lately, the above Nissan is an understated example of this. Whilst everyone is battling it out to have the smoothest and most futurist concept EV, some manufacturers have put their attention in other areas, such as the Lexus concept car that’s supposedly controlled via gestures, allowing the operator to do things such as control the ventilation or windows using audio or hand gestures without having to touch or operate any physical buttons nor controls.

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Unfortunately for some, money cannot buy taste, and it’s becoming increasingly popular to decorate your car in wealth, but most of the time it ends up making the car look ugly. Owners will coat their cars in shiny gold, place diamond and other shiny items all over the exterior of the car. We hate to think how the interior must look.

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The Fiat Multipla is considered by many all over the world to be the uglies car ever designed. Our personal tastes aside it is a hard car to defend visually at least, however the extreme hatred the car gets is a little undeserved, as a car it functions fine, it’s just not something you really want to look at.

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