Cooling Your Car In Summer Tips!

cooling your car

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Keeping Your Car Cool

We all know it can be a living nightmare getting in a hot car, especially with the recent temperatures! This goes double for cars with leather seats, so today we’re talking about some of the methods used for cooling your car quickly or how to avoid it getting as hot in the first place.

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Park Cool

Keeping your car cool by parking in the shade seems like an obvious place to start. Despite that it’s often overlooked and it can be the most effective way to deal with the issue. This is because it’s easier to prevent your car getting hot than having to spend time cooling your car. We understand there may not always be a space available under a tree or building shade. If you have the facilities at home, it’s always worth it to park in the cool shade. This works especially well at keeping your steering wheel & gear stick from becoming too hot to touch.

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Door Ventilation

If you can’t avoid the heat, then the next best thing to quickly reduce the heat is by opening as many doors as you can, or at least the driver and passenger door. This will allow air to flow and cool the inside of your car. If you need to cool your car quicker, you can carefully use one of the doors as a paddle to push air through faster.

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If shade isn’t an option and you don’t have room or time to waft air through with your doors then bring your own shade. It isn’t a perfect solution but just like parking in the shade, the temperature of the steering wheel, gearstick and car will be far more comfortable than if the car was left in direct sunlight.

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Cooling your car With AC

Another method is by slightly cracking your window and allowing the A/C to reuse the air in the car rather than suck in hot air. This will make cooling your car less effort for the AC, making it kick in faster and have less impact on your driving. It is important to note that we do note advise leaving your windows cracked if you plan to leave your car unattended.


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