About Us

Who are we and why should you care? What is the Costa Car Trader and why should you be in it?

History of The Costa Car Trader

The Costa Car Trader has been around since 2007, and operates in the Costa Blanca. You can see a list of some of our distribution points on our Advertise with us page. The Costa Car Trader has survived the recessions and still available at present day. Now more than ever we are focusing on building a stronger digital presence & increasing our range of distribution so we¬† can reach readers we’ve never been able to get to before.


The Costa Car Trader Team

The Costa Car Trader is a free magazine and a family run business. We are all car enthusiasts with a passion for anything that makes a loud noise and drives fast. Your main contacts will be Chris & Quentin when dealing with us. We strive to go that extra mile for our readers and advertisers so we try our best to make personal appearances at relevant motor shows. Currently we have a lot of exciting improvements that are constantly being brainstormed and carefully planned out to make sure your prestigious businesses or classifieds travel to the correct types of audiences to maximise the return from your adverts. Our current efforts are going towards our Youtube Channel and other Social Medias where we engage with our audiences on a daily bases through video, photo, and written methods as well as picking key distribution areas, expanding on them to ensure your advert will reach all corners of the Costa Blanca South. We would like to give a special thank you to all our readers and advertisers as they are also part of our team. We Strive to be the goto magazine for any auto related industry.


Our Youtube Channel

There are links to our videos in many places on our website, but you can check out our YouTube directly by clicking the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPIc2drXOeNtOYpmopEBOMA

Our videos have a wide reach on Facebook and we aim to both promote and entertain using the video platform. If you have a vehicle that’s unique, interesting, fast or classic then feel free to contact us to arrange for a video! Our non promotional videos are free of charge and we work closely with the car owners to keep the show focused on the positive aspects of being a petrolhead!